Car rental policy

Car rental policy

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I. Car rental time
Car rental price will be calculated by the day and by the hour

01 day rental will be 24 hours, from now, the time you receive the car today to the same time the next day.
Car rental hours only applicable when you rent a car for > 1 day. The hourly rate incurred will depend on the type of car you rent:

Car No 15,000 VND / Hour Generated
Automatic Motorcycle 20,000 VND / Hour Generated


Note:  If your arising hours are > 8 hours, THUEXERE will be counted as 1 day of car rental.

Example: You rent an Air Blade scooter,

Pick-up: 9am, June 15, 2023
Return the car at: 3pm, June 16, 2023

Our system will calculate as follows: The total time you rent a car will be 1 day and 6 hours, you will pay for the total rental time including the 1-day car rental price of 200,000 VND and the car rental price The remaining 06 hours arise = 120,000 VND. The total amount of your car rental will be 320k

On the first day of renting a car, if you rent a car for a few hours, you still have to pay a full day's rent.
For example:  Time to pick up your car is  9am, March 21, 2022, Your car return time is 3pm on the same day, then our SYSTEM will calculate the rental time as 1 day.

Going more than 30 minutes will round to 1 hour.

II. Car rental procedures

The steps for car rental procedures are as follows:

1– Renters must be of legal age to drive and have a Driving License issued by a competent state agency.

2– The following documents must be left in the following documents:

For travelers traveling by plane, please leave your  ID card, Citizen ID card or  Passport with  arrival and departure flight information.

For guests who are locals or come from other places without air tickets, the required procedure is to leave ID card, Citizens ID card or Passport with Household book (if there is no household book, it will be replaced with money deposit of 3 million VND for digital vehicles and  deposit of 5 million VND for scooters - this amount will be refunded after the customer completes returning the vehicle)

3– Agree to the terms and sign the car rental contract between the two parties.

4- Get the car.

Note:   To rent a car in groups, only 1 person is required to do the car rental procedures.

III. Responsibilities of the lessee

Renters will have to fuel the car themselves to move.

Thoroughly inspect the vehicle before receiving it and fill it up with fuel to circulate the vehicle on the road.

Do not peel or tear the warranty stamp and guarantee to repair or replace any details.

During the time of using the rental car, Party B must be responsible for protecting, keeping and operating the vehicle in strict compliance with Vietnam's traffic safety laws. In the event of a problem arising, it will be resolved as follows:

Party B must report back to Party A when problems occur so that the two parties can agree on the implementation plan.
Any damage, cracks, breaks or dents of the car's details caused by the tenant, the tenant must buy a replacement from the company (do not accept mounds, welding).
For punctures, punctures when traveling on the road, car rental customers will have to fix it themselves and pay the fee for repairing or replacing the tube.
Scratches, light damage, do not have to change new clothes, the tenant must compensate the THUEXERE party the amount according to the market quote.
The days off the car cannot run due to the fault of the lessee, then you still have to pay for those days as if you were renting a car to use.
In case the car hirer violates traffic safety, leading to the car being impounded, the lessee must be responsible for paying the full amount of the violation and the time of keeping the car is still counted as the day of car rental. All costs of travel, accommodation, etc. of the lessor to solve the problem caused by the lessee, the lessee must bear the full responsibility to pay.
During the rental period, the lessee loses the car, causes a serious accident leading to the total destruction of the car, the lessee is responsible for paying money, the value is equivalent to the value of the vehicle valued at the time of rental. car.
For long-distance guests, Party B must bring the car back every 30 days for Party A to periodically check and maintain the car.

The lessee must be responsible for returning the vehicle on time as agreed in the contract. In case the lessee wants to extend the use time, he must contact Party A in advance, and the additional rental will still be calculated based on the service price list of Party A.

IV. Responsibilities of the lessor

The lessor must ensure that the rental car has adequate conditions for traffic safety on the road, as committed to the agreement with the customer. With each rental car only comes with 02 standard helmets.

Provide the following documents to the car hirer: Photocopy of vehicle registration certificate, Vehicle civil liability insurance. Responsible for helping, supporting and guiding the tenant in situations where the presence of the vehicle owner is required.

Return, terminate the contract

In case the service provided is not as committed between the two parties, the customer has the right to refuse to use the service or request to replace the vehicle with another vehicle as required. The car lessor must be responsible for returning the entire deposit to the guest if the customer refuses to use the service in this case.

In case the customer terminates the motorbike rental contract earlier than the agreed time stated in the contract, the lessor accepts that the time of return of the vehicle is the time of contract termination and the contract value is calculated up to that time. Excess money will be refunded to the guest.

For customers who have booked a car rental, customers can cancel the booking at any time without incurring additional costs.

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