Car rental policy

Car rental policy

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I. Car rental period
Car rental prices will be calculated based on a combination of days and hours
01 rental day will be 24 hours, from the time you pick up the car today to the same time the next day.
Car rental hours only apply when you rent a car for > 1 day. The hourly price incurred will depend on the type of car you rent:

Car no 15,000 VND/hour incurred
Motorbike 20,000 VND/hour incurred


Note: If your additional hours are > 8 hours, THUEXERE will round up to 1 day of car rental.

For example: You rent an Air Blade scooter,

Pick up the car: 9am, June 15, 2023
Return the car at: 3pm, June 16, 2023

Our system will calculate as follows: The total time you rent a car will be 1 day and 6 hours, you will pay for that total car rental time including the 1-day car rental price of 200,000 VND and the car rental price. The remaining 06 hours of additional expenses = 120,000 VND. Your total car rental amount will be 320k

On the first day of renting a car, if you rent a car for a few hours, you still have to pay for a full day's rental.
For example
: Your car pick-up time is 9:00 am, March 21, 2022, your car return time is 3:00 pm on the same day, our SYSTEM will calculate the car rental time as 1 day.

Traveling more than 30 minutes will round up to 1 hour.

II. Car rental procedures
The steps to complete car rental procedures are as follows:

1– The customer renting a car must be of legal age to drive and have a driver's license issued by a competent state agency.

2– Must leave the following documents in the following documents:

– For tourists traveling by plane, please leave your ID card, Citizen Identification card or Passport with arrival and departure flight information.

– For guests who are local or from other places without air tickets, the required procedure is to leave an ID card, Citizen Identification card or Passport with a Household registration book (if there is no household registration book, it will be replaced with a household registration book). drive a car and deposit from 1 million VND for manual cars and 2 million VND deposit for scooters - this amount we will refund after the customer completes the return of the vehicle)

– For foreign customers, we will keep the original passport. In case the customer does not want to keep the original passport, please deposit the car fee from 3 million to 5 million depending on the type of vehicle.

3– Agree to the terms and sign the car rental contract between the two parties.

4– Receive the car.

Note: Renting a car in a group requires only one person to complete the car rental procedures.

III. Responsibility of the lessee
Car renters will have to refuel the car themselves to move.

Carefully check the vehicle before receiving it and refuel it yourself to keep the vehicle on the road.

Do not peel or tear the warranty stamp and ensure repair or replacement of any details.

During the period of using the rented car, Party B must be responsible for protecting, maintaining and controlling the vehicle in compliance with Vietnamese traffic safety laws. In case a problem arises, it will be resolved as follows:

Party B must notify Party A when problems occur so that the two parties can agree on an implementation plan.
Any damage, crack, breakage, or dented details of the vehicle caused by the renter, the renter must buy replacement parts from the company (no welding or molding is accepted).
For punctured tubes or tires while traveling on the road, car renters will have to fix it themselves and pay a fee for tube repair or replacement.
For minor scratches and damages that do not require replacement, the tenant must compensate THUEXERE the amount according to the market price quote.
On days when the car cannot run due to the lessee's fault, you still have to pay for those days as if you were renting a car to use.
In case the car renter violates traffic safety leading to the car being detained, the car renter must be responsible for paying all violations and the parking period is still counted as the day of the car rental. All travel, accommodation, etc. expenses of the lessor to resolve problems caused by the lessee, the lessee must be fully responsible for paying.
During the rental period, if the lessee loses the vehicle and causes a serious accident resulting in the vehicle being completely destroyed, the lessee must be responsible for compensation, a value equivalent to the value of the vehicle assessed at the time of rental. car.
For long-distance customers, every 30 days Party B must bring the vehicle back for Party A to periodically inspect and maintain the vehicle.

The lessee must be responsible for returning the vehicle on time as agreed in the contract. In case the lessee wants to extend the usage period, he must contact Party A in advance, and the additional rental amount will still be calculated based on Party A's service price list.

IV. Responsibility of the lessor
The lessor must ensure that the rental vehicle has adequate safety conditions for circulation on the road, as committed to the agreement with the customer. Each rental car only comes with 02 standard helmets.

Provide the following documents to the car renter: Photocopy of vehicle registration, Vehicle civil liability insurance. Responsible for helping, supporting, and guiding the renter in situations that require the presence of the car owner.

Return or terminate the contract
In case the service provided does not comply with the commitment between the two parties, the customer has the right to refuse to use the service or request to replace the vehicle with another vehicle as requested. The car rental party is responsible for returning the entire deposit to the customer if the customer refuses to use the service in this case.

In case the customer ends the motorbike rental contract earlier than the agreed time stated in the contract, the lessor accepts the time of returning the motorbike as the end of the contract and the contract value is calculated up to that time. Excess money is not refundable.

For customers who have booked a car rental appointment, the customer can cancel the car booking at any time without incurring additional costs.


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